The Blissful Unity of Art and Healing

Our life cycle is relentlessly running around the phrase, “Beat the rush” If you notice there is a hurry in everything. A constant fear that something is been missed out, there are sudden chills that embrace the body, and the anxiety peaks out of nowhere. We are so occupied that we barely see ourselves crawling deep into the pit of self-isolation.

It is a never-ending loop that ties us into nothingness, and to weaken this futile thread; Art becomes the golden sword that trims down every negativity and trauma that weighs down the ingenuity of the human mind.

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How Art Heals

Art is just like watering a wilted plant and making it alive from the roots, it is the miracle that works wonders. It revitalizes the lost connection between the mind, creativity, and the body. Think of it as a mental exercise for the clearance of your mind and give it unlimited access to healing.

Self-expression is something very essential in the process of healing, it clears out blockages and now you have an entrance to the ultimate state: bliss. But how does one find their own feelings when they’re all intertwined and messed up?

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That’s where art spreads its magic. As it is a universal language it is also a communication that doesn’t require words, or even when words are insufficient. Art is a cure to steer the unknown journey and promote holistic wellness with a motto of self-recovery.

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Art and its Aura

The complexity of fears, stress, phobias, and trauma can be ranked down to zero just by expressing what your thoughts are. It is surely a self-therapy that helps you uncover the unhealed parts and give them a freeway to heal and revive.

It’s not just that art gifts healing, the whole concept of art comes with a bundle of elements that help us in different ways. It is basically a ride to self-discovery through the medium of brushes, canvas, musical rhymes, or a melodious move.

There are many more things, between heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,

—Shakespeare, Hamlet

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