16 Never Seen Photographs Of Farmers Harvesting Waterlilies From Vietnam

Are you confused about what should be the model for your next photography endeavors? Well, in that case, you should take some inspiration from a Vietnamese Photographer, named Pham Huy Trung. 

He has clicked some of the stunning pictures of nature and we can’t get over it. Along with his remarkable skills, if there is one thing that has made Pham Huy Trung’s this picture series called Lilies Harvest a success, it is the combination of culture and nature. Sounds amazing, right? 

These photos were clicked during the annual harvest season. If you want to see this amazing picture series, scroll down. 

“The most stunning time to travel along the Mekong Delta is flooding season when flowers and fish are coming. Waterlilies are naturally grown in mud, sure, but they are still colorful, of a pleasant scent, soft and beautiful like women.”

“There are many things to consider when taking photos such as this: lighting, subject (people), the surroundings… I had to wake up at 3AM and be at the flooding fields at 5AM to be ready for shooting. Normally, lily harvest lasts for about 2–3 months in the Mekong Delta and it is a must for the flood to reach a certain level of flooding. I used a drone for the wide angle view, covering a large area. It could not be done with a regular DSLR.”

“[Among the challenges] would be capturing of the emotion and broadcasting it from my vision to others. The emotion can be altered by the color, the movement, the patterns and the story behind the scene. But, the emotion can also be felt differently among people, so the photos should match these elements in order to create the beauty of the objects.”

“Ultimately, my plan is to travel around the world and to take photos. I would really love to go to the US, where I know I will find a lot of beauty in the people, the traditions and nature. But, right now, I am diving into the sea to capture the beauty of the waters in Vietnam.”

Ekta Singh
Ekta Singh
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