Photography by NASA

50,000+ Clicks just to get a Perfect Astrophotography Picture of the Moon

Astrophotography- A picture of wonders.

The universe holds many secrets, spiritually, mentally, scientifically, and also physically. Do you know a part of the universe named nebula is alike to our eyes and our atoms are almost similar to that of the universe?

Photography by NASA
Planetary Nebula

I love to learn things about the universe, how was it created, and how we are connected to infinity. And the images are beyond any other image or feeling that describes the universe. And this article is surely for the lovers of the universe.

Astronomy + Photography= Astrophotography

Back in 2021, a guy in love with astrophotography shook the internet by giving out 200% effort and clicking a perfect picture of the moon piece by piece. And the results. The results are just so natural that even the moon would praise him for the beautiful click

Astrophotography by Prathamesh Jaju
The Moon

Didn’t believe me, right? Not just the moon, Prathamesh Jaju from Pune is gifted with the skills that surprise me every time he posts any image of the photography he clicks and personally, I feel more connected when I come across the images of the universe.

Cosmos- A Blessed Pit For Humans

Astrophotography- The Art Of Universe

Prathamesh is a member of India’s oldest amateur club, Jyotirvidya Parisanstha located in Pune. His passion for space and astronomy was developed since childhood and a fan of science fiction has won many hearts by clicking the perfection of our diamond-The moon.

Photographer Prathemesh Jaju
Prathamesh Jaju

“Since childhood, I have loved watching series and movies like Star Trek and Star Wars. I have always wanted to learn more about anything related to space and astronomy. I finally got to do this when I joined the JVP astronomy club as a volunteer when I was 13.”

– Prathamesh Jaju.

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