Hyperrealism top 3 studios

Top 3 Hyperrealism Courses to Polish your Artistic Skills

Hyperrealism is now a lesson to add up a step of achievement

Have you ever felt like doing more of what you’re career walks on or polishing the skills that you are passionate about?

Well, I always get a feeling of excelling at what I am doing and so I try upgrading my skills and hone my article every time I find something to write about. So here I bring it for the art fans for lifting the skills you already love!!

Go on with the Hype of Hyperrealism

So, what exactly is hyperrealism? The word itself says everything. A painting that is just like a photograph capturing every detail that tricks us into questioning if that is a photo or a painting.

Hyperrealism rangoli by Pramod Sahu
Fake Smile – Pramod Sahu

See? I told you this hyperrealism art is mega realistic and fantastic to learn as well. The passion for art can drive us into a world of amazement. So, scroll down to slide into world of wonders!!

1. Chhapaak Art

Hyperrealism studio Chhapaak
Chhapaak Interior

Pramod Sahu the master blaster artist in hyperrealism has won many hearts by creating hyper-realistic Rangoli. His organization Chhapaak was developed in 2014 in Raipur. This institute provides online courses, short-term courses, hyperrealism and illustration courses, and many more to explore.


Dzimirsky Realism Art Master Atelier is a studio built in Germany. Don’t worry folks I have got it covered it can also be online. Dirk is the hyper-realistic artist who hones people skills and also finds out the real potential artist slept within you.

Hyperrealism Studio by Dirk
Hyperrealism Studio
Art by- Dirk Dzimirsky

Dirk is an award-winning artist and is very precise in his work. The website gives you a detailed view of how things work so go have a look at it.

3. Apollon Art Studio

Hyperrealism studio of Apollon Avagyan
Gallery of Apollon Art Studio

Having an interest in art Apollon Avagyan is doing an amazing job in painting and his partner Christina Monastero has a studio Apollon Art Studio. The main motivation behind this studio is to free Apollon from the routine system and create something that is a customized teaching plan for his students.

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