Hyperrealism artist Sarasvathy TK

Telangana Artist is Bringing Hyper Realistic Art into Food

Hyper realistic art is now poured into food art.

Indian food! An absolute art of taste. The spice bursts in such a pure way that it does all justice to our taste buds. Panipuri, Gulab Jamun, Chole Bhatoore. Yumm! The love for fast food never really drops to negative.

These mouthwatering dishes really do magic on me. And the obsession, that never really ends but I surely end up in some of the food stalls that satisfies me through my core.

Mega combination of food and hyper realistic art

Exploring different kinds of food on Instagram and Pinterest is now easy as eating a piece of cake. But if there comes a question of what our ancestors ate where do we go? Any exotic thing comes down with art and so is the answer to this question.

And now these kinds of art are sketched into the canvas with a turn of hyperrealism. Attracting people to scoop more about hyperrealism.

Food an ultimate stop

Hmm… I can hear my stomach growling for some food and this art by Sarasvathy T.K is surely adding more hunger to my tummy. Haha, now if talking about art, this is the one that made me happy and crunch on some chips while writing about it!

Hyperrealism artist Sarasvathy TK
Sarasvathy TK

Secunderabad a city from Telangana is where our foodie artist’s roots are. The computer science engineer always had her heart in art but she went on with the limits of doodling until Louvre a city in Paris changed it all in 2007.

In 2008, the visit of Singapore Art Exhibition changed the perspective of Sarasvathy and she finally chose art. Years went by in the page of self-learning until Google gave her an idea of hyperrealism with art and food.

Sarasvathy the Unique Hyper Realistic Artist

“Works by renowned artists from across the world attracted me immensely. I realised that Indian food was not much explored in this context. So my journey began. What we cook is an expression of who we are and where we come from. Food always plays a central role in every culture, globally.”

Sarasvathy TK

Her solo show Bhojan is displayed on the Foley Gallery. Depicting tasty food that everyone would love to relish on. Food surely is the first love of everyone.

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