Hyper Realistic Art by Laura Lee Eagles

Unbelievable Sculpting of this Hyper Realistic Artist Makes the Audience go Wow

Have you ever seen an art and got confused if it is an art or an ART of photography? Well, it surely happens with me whenever I see an hyperrealism art because, my god! They are so detailed and perfect as if its some fresh photography done.

Charm of Clay and Molding

Learning sculpting is legit awesome and its still on my bucket list. And I am sure many of you must also be adding the same in your list or following the hobby of sculpting. Because why not?

To play with the magical dust of earth and mold a masterpiece with love sound pure, whole and amazing. Plus, when sculpture and hyper realistic art both comes in handy it surely is a worthy lesson.

Here Comes Hyperrealism with Sculpture

Babiess!! My gosh!! They are a bundle of cuteness and these little ones certainly knows how to melt the stress and hearts of others. And of course! These baby in photographs look so adorable with their squashy cheeks.

But do you know that these babies are made up of silicone? Surprising right even I was shocked when I found these babies are sculpted by someone who knows how to amaze people with hyper realistic art.

A Hyper Realist Artist with Magic Skills

Laura Lee Eagles is the artist behind creating these beautiful babies who are are hyper realistic because of her painting and sculpting skills that trick us into believing these are the real ones stealing our hearts.

Hyperrealism sculptor Laura Lee Eagles
On Left- Laura Lee Eagles

Her journey started from 2009, searching these dolls on internet and admiring the beauty of how precisely these dolls are made but the price was an obstacle to let Laura stop for shopping it as a gift to her mother and mother-in-law.

But she began with making her own and the results were definitely loving for both of her mums to encourage Laura to create more baby sculptures. And now with a following of over thousands on Instagram, she is successfully running a business through her website.

Increase the Baby Fever by these Cuties❤

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