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Independence Special: Foot and Mouth Painter’s Ideology of Democracy

Foot and Mouth painters share their ideology of democracy

To the soil that smells like bravery,
With the footsteps of divine warriors.

To the sky that celebrates serenity,
With the breeze of glorious liberty.

To the grass that dances in justice,
With the flowers that sings the poetry of prosperity.

To the flag that flows in victory,
With the colors of unshakable unity.

Happy Independence Day!
To every beating heart,
That smiles in this land of diversity!

– Aashvi Solanki.

Passion Holds No Boundaries

One thing that connects every border, every distance, and every soul, is Art. Art holds no barriers but just some strokes of creativity and that is literally enough for every art lover to dive deep.

Personally, it holds a special place for me because when I recall my childhood I remember this one man and his intriguing story that still gives me the strength to swim no matter what the further lap holds.

The man had a passion for singing, he had this delightful charm that made him the star of every event. For me, he was just an ordinary man but for the world, he was a handicapped man who was totally dependent on the wheelchair.

But that didn’t bother him, all he had was his satisfied smile and a talent that was special just to him. And when I jump back to reality I see the same passion and drive in these 3 artists who carry nothing but grace and an idea of democracy.

1. Ganesh Kumar- Mouth Painter

Even though his limbs have withdrawn 80% of their support due to polio Kumar still doesn’t stop to shine and stand higher on the grounds of talent.

Mouth Painter Ganesh Kumar
Aritst Ganesh Kumar

A scholarship holder of International Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, founder of various referent organizations, a painter, and major of all a person with a heart for humanity shows us the ideology of freedom.

Mouth painting by Ganesh Kumar
Art by Ganesh Kumar

What do freedom and democracy mean to foot and mouth painters?

Just like the tree, the roots of our democracy are strong and cover everyone, from rich to the poor, layman to ‘lords.’ For me, freedom is a state of mind without any inhibitions, conflict, fear, and limitation. The Indian Constitution gives that freedom to one and all, including the differently-abled

Ganesh Kumar
Source, The Indian Express

2. Manoj Bhingare- Foot and Mouth Painter

The hands of tragedy embraced Manoj and he had to give up on his own during an accident at the tender age of 10. But bravery cannot see its people giving up, so Manoj earned a degree in Fine Arts from CN Vidyalaya and also bagged the Rashtriya Balashri Award in 1999.

Foot Painter Manoj Bhingare
Manoj Bhingare
Foot Painting by Manoj Bhingare
Foot Painting by Manoj Bhingare

Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life.

Emma Thompson.

3. Srilekha Mandallapalli- Mouth Painter

With a rare disease of Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Srilekha is confined to a wheelchair that eventually does not border her to what she believes, and shows the idea that holds nothing but freedom.

Mouth Painter Srilekha Mandallapalli
Srilekha Mandallapalli

“Freedom is a power, where we can choose to be happy and aren’t judged for who we are or where we belong.”

Srilekha Mandallapalli.

With the pillars of security, health, education, agriculture and industry Srilekha creates a masterpiece with a title of Democracy and People’s Aspirations.

Mouth Painting by Srilekha
Art by Srilekha

“I feel these form the backbone of our country, which can only prosper if it pays attention to these factors and becomes more inclusive.”

Srilekha Mandallapalli

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