This Entrepreneur Creates Sustainable Fashion by Converting 20 Million of Plastic

It was in my childhood when I noticed the trees were severely chopped down just because they served nothing but distractions around and that was when our kids’ group decided to embrace the trees just to save them. But as you all know the opinions of a kid are rarely valued and the same happened with me.

Since that day I decided to leave the idea of polishing minds and focus more on how can I invest more to give our mother nature. And this idea is the reason why I found this amazing entrepreneur who subtly amazes me with every piece of creation.

EcoKaari- The Enterprise that does Wonder with Fashion

We admire the beauty of nature in every aspect, be it a seashore, hill station, or any random site that involves trekking and that is where our Pune-based Nandan Bhat noticed the polluted side of these scenic spots because it included nothing but plastic waste.

sustainable fashion by EcoKaari

As plastic bags hold no commercial value other than fetching customers nobody is really concerned about those plastic bags and this reason was enough for Nandan to wake his inner contributor and plant a mission to upcycle the waste into some attractive handcrafted fabrics using handlooms and wooden spindles (charkha) through EcoKaari.

A purpose to serve and unite with artisans

The two-year-old EcoKaari faced hurdles, but the founder did not stop his journey to set his forever feet on this organization that holds much effort, and passion.

EcoKaari founder Nandan Bhat

“We started the upcycling initiative by working with a few households, whom we trained on handlooms. We used to provide them with raw materials and they used to make the fabric at home, which we collected later. But for some reason, the business model didn’t work out and we had to close the organization But I didn’t want to give up. So, I restarted the organization with whatever savings I had.”

Nandan Bhat

EcoKaari- Sustainability x Fashion

The eco stands for eco-friendly and Kaari means kaarigiri (artistry) these 2 pillars are the functioning of this enterprise. The process of creation starts with a collection of plastic, avoiding the greasy plastic of oil due to odor issues they use waste mostly single-use plastic that is wrappers, bags, pulses, flour, etc.

And later these plastics are washed sanitized and dried proceeding further with segregation eluding the dye. These polished plastics are chopped into long strips and the creation of fabric is made from handloom and passed on to the designing team.

“Adopt the peace of nature, her secret is patience.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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