Surreal Work of Japanese Artist as He Fits Entire Worlds on The Canvas

Have you ever seen the stunning artwork of Manabu Ikeda? He is a famous Japanese artist who is known for his amazing artistic skills. What sets him apart from others is his vision. A vision that is so surreal, a vision that is impossible to ingest, and a vision that always offer you something new each time you look at it. 

If you want to see how artistically Manabu fits the entire world into each of his work, keep scrolling. 

‘Birth’ 2013-2016

“By concretely depicting the whole, this gives more persuasive power to the work as a single mass, and so it seems to grow greater and is more realistic: that is the process for me. The most important thing is what kind of presence the work has as a whole”. “Its composition, its space, its details, and its entirety all of these facets are included in what becomes its presence. That is the most important thing to me.”

‘Meltdown’ 2013

I use ideas that flash in my mind at the moment, along with using my sketchbooks. From a distance, I look at the whole balance of work and finally determine the image, which takes about one year after I started drawing. Recently, I try to have a whole solid image in the beginning to shorten the time.”

‘History of Rising and Fall’ 2006

“The shape, color, and expression of nature… water, bugs, trees and weather, all those provide me with heart-pumping sensations and questions,” the artist explained. “They strongly attract me. I agree that we benefit a lot from advanced technology, but at the same time, I feel that we are acting contrary to nature, which makes me feel endangered. Also, figuratively, accomplished shapes do not move my heart.”

‘Foretoken’ 2008


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