Goodbye to Boredom and Hello to DIY!

5 ideas for beating the boredom with DIY

5 ideas to beat the laziness with fun

It’s the weekend!! And the outlets of entertainment make us question what boredom is. But what if I want to spare some of the time inside of my roof without being bored? Hmm… now that is a tough question to have an answer for. But to your surprise, the response is yes!

Look around in every corner of the home you’ll find enthusiasm in everything! Not getting any? Well, let me help you to scoop some energy here are some of my favorite fun activities to beat the boredom.

1. Create through craft

DIY craft

The internet showers you with so many DIY ideas that your mind gets confused about which exactly to make. Don’t get baffled and create as many as you can. Lookup for recycling waste and craft one of your best creations. Here is one of my adored crafts.

Wall hanger from the CD’s

2. Fill your tummy with some yummies

DIY cooking

By this, I don’t mean to cook something new for you. No! my budding chef all you need is enthusiasm and a dash of love that already comes when you decide to cook. Make a dish that is easily available and cook it in a different style. Let your brain exercise on this new yet deep-rooted dish.

Here’s my favorite Maggie with a look of chowmein

An ice candy with nostalgic the chocolate candy kaccha mango bite. (Experiment with different candies)

3. Walk with your to-do-list

To do list

Obviously. You must be mind-listing some of the things you’ve been wanting to do. Tackle the list, and try completing most of it. Start exercising, clean your closet, or learn a new language. Follow up on every small step you can take.

Because every baby steps will lead you to the secure stride.

– Aashvi Solanki

4. Indulge into self-care

Ah! The relaxing smell of lavenders. Don’t you want to make a self-pampering aura? Then go light a scented candle or incense sticks. Have a face mask of your favorite flavor, gift your nails some manicure and pedicure, and grab a juice that refreshes your whole body.

5. Meditate and Manifest

DIY Meditation

Care for the soul is as much important as that of the body. Focus on breathing and let all the grudges go down from your soul. Learn acceptance and bid a smile to your past and tell yourself,

My present is making me feel complete so the future will surely make me happy 🙂

A playlist of soothing music

Check out my favorite meditation music.

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