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NFT a Blessing in Disguise for Artists

When it comes to creating the art, it comes out in a moment of flow. But when the part of selling arrives, the nervousness starts to rush into the body.

Contacting various art shops, visiting art galleries, crowding yourself in fatigue, and the results to earn a sufficient amount remain constant. But the question here arrives is there any help to let creators earn the income needed to sustain themselves?

Yes!! loads of it, thanks to technology artists are now able to sell their artwork. Through websites, social media marketing, and NFTs. Familiar term right? But never really got into it because too much tech language caused the brain to shut down.

What is NFT?

Why fear when I am here!! Haha, lighten your mood and get enlightened on what NFT is all about.

Well NFT when expanding becomes a non-fungible token which means a security that includes the storage of any unique digital data in a blockchain format. The NFTs owner information is safe under the same blockchain. They can be sold or traded as well.

NFTs can be easily created by anybody with few or no skills in coding at all. So, even if you are not an expert in coding, its still an option for you to earn.

NFT Blockchain Explanation
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In what kind NFTs are sold?

Any digital files can be stored in it, for example, any music, video, photographs, etc. Can be sold as NFTs. And no! They differ from cryptocurrencies because NFTs are fungible which means they can be exchanged or replaced.

NFT Article

Is NFT the place for the artists?

We are right now in a position to keep everything digital. Even audiences can be fetched through the internet so the same goes with NFTs it is easy to find new audiences and markets without visiting the traditional studios. Plus having the great safety of blockchain is impossible to hack.

But buying them in a hope of getting double returns cannot fit into the expectations as the understanding of NFT is still very small and during the times of distress it may also give rise to a difficulty in trading.

An artist and his NFT journey

Meet Karan Kalra a multidisciplinary visual artist who spent his 15 years in learning and practicing the artistic skills such as 2D and 3D animation, filmmaking, illustration, writing, sculpture and many many more skills.

Karan’s NFT journey started in June 2021 but he occupied the space of crypto since 2016 and ever since he loved the new potential of NFT. His website shows a wave of NFT and his superb artworks. He is one of the first Indian artists on the NFT scene.

Checkout one of Karan Kalra’s amazing NFT over here.

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