Hand Embroidery by Simi Biswas

Hand Embroidery Dipped in Indian Heritage

Hand Embroidery that stuns everyone of us. Embroidery art by- Simi Biswas aka Magicsimsim

Mythological tales, and stories of great kings and their kingdoms all fascinate me a lot. The more I enlighten myself the more there is a desire to know.

Art gives me a feeling of satisfaction and so I cannot stop exploring it. I try to fetch each corner of it and present it in front of you. But obviously, it’s art, and we are talking about something vast and its enough to make us feel joyous!

Stitched with Love

This was new yet so much connected to what I used to practice during my school days. Hand Embroidery was really exciting and amusing and of course, we cannot forget the fusion part that the Embroidery art is united to show the epic saga of ancient gods.

Magicsimsim: Opening Doors of Magical Fantasies

This gorgeous mythological art was hand-stitched by Simi Biswas inborn in Bengal the city of joy where she grew up filling her mind with fantasy legends and magical folklore of our great gods.

Magicsimsim is a term that came from the ancient Talmudic expression, šem-šamáįm. Meaning in the name of Heaven. And now we know why Simi and her Magicsimsim gives us a glimpse of heaven!

Not just Indian mythology charmed her mind but also Greek, Norse, Celtic and Aztec made a forever place in her mental canvas.

Hand embroidery by Magicsimsim
Aadi Yogi- Trident and Damru

A big thanks to her grandma who soothed her to sleep with so many ancient stories and now she has started her retelling in embroidery art. Where in this modern virtual era, here is Simi bringing out the heritage of embroidery art that holds nothing but the richness of India.

Astonishing Lord Krishna and his Epic Saga

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