Kevat Prasang Madhubani Painting by Jyotika Shroff

Admire the Grace of Traditional Madhubani Painting

Madhubani Painting. The art that is traditional and beautiful.

Madhubani painting, a divine art form of India that holds the sheer beauty of traditional art has captured so many hearts and of course one of them is mine. Nobody can ignore the purity Mithila painting holds.

As it is the Indian art form it has a special corner but as a woman, it is proud for me because this artwork was traditionally created by the women of various communities residing in the Mithila region.

Madhubani Painting of Jaimala
Madhubani Painting by- Satya Narayan Lal Karn & Moti Karn

Mithila Painting: An Art of Nature

Traditional Madhubani painting’s colors are mostly derived from the plants giving it a vibrant and complex look, Madhubani has also received a GI (Geographical Indication) meaning a mark or a sign that represents a specification of a town, region, or the country.

Preserving of Mithila Paintings

Being the heart of Bihar Madhubani art is special for many artists and organizations that are gripping the beauty of Madhubani Painting and lifting up the praise this traditional art deserves.

1. MITHILAsmita

An organization that not only sustains the Mithila painting but also supports local women who mainly earn through their talents and skills. Here is Ihitashri Shandilya behind this beautiful concept of preserving the art. By walking in the footsteps of her grandmother Ihitashri is the Pride of India.

Madhubani painting preserver
Ihitashri with her grandmother Gauri Mishra and Team

The cultural importance of traditional art forms demands their preservation. Unfortunately, the meagre income artisans earn is forcing most of the next generation to go for any menial job, and avoid this craft form.

Ihitashri Shandilya

2. Godawari Dutta

A woman from her pre-independence, inspired by her mother, Godawari Dutta is doing wonders in preserving Traditional art of Madhubani painting even in her 90s. The founder of Mithila Kala Vikas Samiti has also bagged the National award Padma Shri in 2019.

Interview of Godawari Dutta

It is my love for Madhubani and unconditional support from my mother that helped me get through every challenge.

Godawari Dutta.

3. Laasya Art

Established in 2013 Laasya Art is founded by the woman Sonia Nayyar Patwardhan who promotes Mithila painting globally, by having the gallery of most original Madhubani paintings in Palo Alto a city in California.

The artwork of Contemporary and Traditional Indian art is also sold online by various artists such as S.H. Raza, Thota Vaikuntam, and Sujata Achrekar.

Madhubani painting of Goddess Saraswati
Goddess Saraswati painted with Natural Dye- Laasya Art

The word Laasya, in the context of Hindu mythology, describes the elegant dance performed by Goddess Parvati to express happiness. To me, that’s what art is: it brings beauty, joy and grace into our homes and our lives.

Sonia Nayyar Patwardhan.

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