From ₹6 to Padma Shri, the Flagbearers of Madhubani Painting

The traditional art form Madhubani painting is celebrated as the major part of culture, and it is also deep-rooted with the Ramayana where King Janaka asked an artist to illustrate the wedding of Sita to Lord Ram.

Traditionally the walls or rocks were filled with Mithila painting depicting religious ceremonies, marriage or a celebration of birth. But the transformation is now emerging with new adaption and is more bent towards the progressive future.

Mithila Painting: Bringing Vibrancy in the Society

With a hope to rise the Madhubani painting many artists are working majorly on this intricate art to make difference socially, environmentally and also to preserve the art from being lost. Here are some of the artists spreading their magic on us.

Mithila painting by Malvika Raj
Art by Malvika Raj

Malvika Raj: A Self-Made Artist

Born in the Dalit community Malvika expresses her art for the experiences she faces and uses traditional techniques to narrate the Dalit identity and the Buddhist religion. Her belief is the path to these beautiful paintings.

Malvika also owns a clothing line as Musk Migi with local artisans who creates hand-printed garments, accessories and, other products.

Mithila painting artist Malvika Raj
Malvika Raj

“Buddhism is not religion, but ‘dhamma’, which leads people from darkness to light. I try to replicate its teachings in my own life. In my paintings, Buddha’s story is not based on the Jataka Tales; instead it is based on the reality of human life. I believe that Buddha is truth, and his story is also based on truth.”

Malvika Raj.

Dulari Devi: The Pillar of Strength

She is another inspiration and also the pride because even in her struggling times she didn’t stop and continued learning the art of madhubani painting under the guidance of Mahasundari Devi and later she enlightened herself with karpoori devi.

In 2011 her illustrated autobiography was published with the name of Following My Paint Brush with Geeta Wolf-Sampath and Finally in 2021 she was honored with the Padma Shri painting all her hardships to be golden.

“These paintings are my life and I can’t stay a day without making them.”

Dulari Devi.

Manisha Mishra: Artist Flaunting Madhubani Painting Globally

The platform for Madhubani painting just gets bigger and bigger. Here is Manisha Mishra who showcased her traditional artwork in the 14th International Folk Art Market of Santa FE in the USA from 53 countries and was chosen among the 160 artists to display her artwork.

Madhubani painting artist Manisha Mishra
Manisha Mishra
Madhubani painting by Manisha Mishra
Mithila painting by Manisha Mishra

Pushpa Kumari: Nuturing the Change

With the skills passed on by her grandmother Mahasundari Devi; Pushpa Kumari adapted the traditional Mithila painting with a hint of modern essence that syncs with the changing times.

Her modern yet traditional artwork was prasied by the Public Art Fund a Non-profit in US. Pushpa is among the 20 artists whose artwork is currently displayed at JCDecaux bus shelters in New York, Chicago and Boston.

Madhubani painting artist Pushpa Kumari
Pushpa Kumari

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