Mithila painting by Antara Verma

The Reality of Madhubani Painting in Bihar

In the previous article, From ₹6 to Padma Shri the Flagbearers of Madhubani Painting we saw how the Madhubani painting artists are making us proud through their talent and treasuring the recognition they deserve. It made me learn that after a gloomy night there arrives a ray of sunshine that changes every eeriness into a beautiful part of life.

When I looked into the other side of the page I got to know that before facing the sunlight one must pass countless dull nights. And Antara Verma is one of those people who has met the challenges and is still tackling the hardships on her way to sight the scenic sunrise.

A Woman with Fearless Guts

Antara Verma is an artist residing in Darbhanga a city in Bihar. After completing her graduation from Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Antara learned the course of Madhubani painting in style of Barni for two years from her teacher Radha in Geetanjali Boutique.

Antara is a fighter, with faith on her side she has started a small business. And she is trying to grow into the world of Madhubani painting by selling her artworks. Through different dealers and website owners her sample paintings were taken but all she got was void response.

Madhubani painting artist Antara Verma

But once a warrior always a warrior she chose to stand firmly and dodged many fraudsters and finally met Sams Shopping owner L.V. Ravi who supported her by buying Madhubani paintings.

Mithila Painting- An Experience of Transformation

By investing five years in this skill of Madhubani painting Antara has walked many stony paths just to wake up in the field of success. When asked how she overcame these hardships she said,

Till now I have faced many ups and downs. Sometimes I cried, felt disappointed in my struggling times, many problems came during this phase and I decided to shut my business down. But then I remembered god and it always gave me hope.

– Antara Verma.

Her career saw a moment of scam where an artist from America stole Antara’s name and sold her paintings under the name of its own. But her brave side always stood up and she filed a complaint at International Folk Art Gallery that gave her the justice she deserved.

Family- The Support System

As a woman I am blessed to make the life decisions I prefer and so is Antara. She chose to make Mithila painting her career, and by Antara’s side was her mother who supported her choice.

When Antara’s paintings were just seeing the walls of her home. Her brother bought 15 paintings and even her uncles came forward to help her by buying the paintings of Madhubani art.

Seized Talent of Mithila Painting

In our conversation, she told me how the women of conservative families hide and pursue their talent and it surprised me because the art of Madhubani was created by women and the same are now scared to spread their wings of talent.

Mithila painting by Antara Verma

To enjoy the colors of the rainbow you must put up with the rain.

– Aashvi Solanki.

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