Illustration art by Maike Prosoli

Illuminate the Mind with these Fab Illustrations

Here is Maike Prosoli the digital artist melting hearts with her cute illustrations

As I have said earlier, art in any form does magic, and by this, I mean it when it comes to influencing the mind not just to feel the peace; But to also get inspired and follow the passion you are carrying within.

The Era of Digital Art

Graphics, pixel art, illustrations and so much more has come to explore and I am learning new things about art daily. And count on me learning about art with a fusion of digital era is the most thrilling activity.

Digital art by Maike Prosoli
Maike Prosoli Art

Illustrations On Fleek

When I first came across these illustrations they melted my heart and I could just adore and say how cute and vibrant they were. Artist Maike Prosoli is truly a subtle designer when it comes to stealing hearts she surely knows how to do it.

Illustration Art that Grabs the Attention

Maike Prosoli is the illustration artist who is also the master in product designing. She hones her illustration skills in free time and manages to create different ideas and exchange the same with her coworkers.

Maike Prosoli
Maike Prosoli

Her book Lumi is doing magic in removing the uncertainties of children in the darkness, by illustrating a firefly that happens to fear the gloomy surroundings. And her amazing illustration printed products are also availabe on spreadshirt.

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