classical guitarist Chandana Bhargava

Classical guitarist a Traditional Musician in the Modern Era

Chandana Bhargava is a classical guitarist. Amaze yourself with her music of the slide guitar.

Soak in the soothing music

Happy, sad, heartbroken, groovy, or any other emotion our heart just slips one word that is music. It has the power to heal every aura. The melodious tunes rejuvenate our feelings and offer a gift of relaxation.

Music is life itself!

– Louis Armstrong.

Retro, classical music, soft pop, and so many distinct genres have been introduced to us. My personal favorite is retro, the classic wonderful era just elevates my mood. Definitely! It still is the golden era for all of us.

One song from my personal playlist

The cuckoo, Nightingale, and canary chirp such sweet tunes, when the air teases the wind chimes it gives out a harmonious tune. If heeded even nature has music.

Facts on Music

  • The city of joy our beloved Kolkata was the first place where the creation of the phonograph a sounding machine was created in 1898.
  • Muslims from the west and Vedic Hindu music were the major inspirations of North Indian Hindustani music.

Classical guitarist: Chandana Bhargava

When hearing of guitar, the mind itself plays a soulful tune of some soft music. I personally adore acoustic guitar over any of the instruments. But when I saw Chandana Bhargava playing the slide guitar in a classical style, my fondness for the classical guitar tunes grew stronger.

A guitar that is played in a classical way is intriguing to me and when I heard her playing the instrument, I was mesmerized. Hearing her music was a pleasure to my ears.

Chandana Bhargava

Growing up in a family whose roots are from a musical background, she was coached under the renowned guitarist the late Shri Partho Sarathi Mazumdar from Allahabad. Later on, her learning was polished under Pt Gaurav Mazumdar a versatile musician.

The process of learning is limitless, this is a belief that Chandana Bhargava manifests.

Awards on the shelf

As a unique classical guitarist, Chandana has participated in various competitions all over India. She has treasured many of the renowned awards.

All India music competition, U.P. Sangeet Natak Academy Lucknow and II B.H.U. festival has given her the recognition of a first prize winner. Talent must be her follower because she is so fantastic in what she plays.

guitarist Chandana Bhargava
A soulful tune of Chandana Bhargava

Pleasant harmony of Slide guitar

Youngsters these days groove and hype their vibes on rapping and hip-hop music. But as a reminder, she promotes this unique skill and represents the deep-rooted culture of classical music fusion in slide guitar in various art schools and colleges.

A beautiful piece of art by Chandana Bhargava

Our country is rich in the culture of art, dance, and music. We take pride in what Chandana Bhargava is presenting to us. It’s our honor to have such a euphonic guitarist.

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