Embrace the Excess with Maximalist Art

an artist who is all about maximalist art.

When searching for home décor we always prefer to choose the minimal designs or furniture that is plain in color giving out a subtle yet elegant look. And even in the artwork, there is a choice to have some art piece that is graceful and neat.

But how about some popping colors and patterns that happen to be the center of the attraction? Well, I would confidently choose a multicolored maximal artwork that would go marvelous with my white walls.

The Brilliancy of the Artist’s Creation

Adyot Rajadhyaksha's artwork

Intriguing right? Bold design with bold shades. The maximalist Adyot Rajadhyaksha is the artist behind this beautiful artwork. A former student of Jamnabai Narsee Monjee School he is mentored by Mr. Manjesh Rajadhyaksha, the former dean of the illustrious Sir JJ School of Arts.

Adyot’s maximalist art and color concept give out the aesthetic and a deep understanding of life.

Adyot Rajadhyaksha

His designs and intricate patterns made me go awestruck and I found myself lost in his amazing creations. Adyot’s inspiration is infinity, geometrical shapes, and complex patterns. He has sold stunning artworks both in Mumbai and globally.

Art is the journey of a free soul!

– Alev Oguz

Maximalist Art is Not the Stop

Yes! not just the digital acrylic artist but he is also a doodle artist who creates silly yet funny sketches. These ideas are just a fun part of his notebooks. Funny, creative, deep and fascinating all of these elements can be drawn by Adyot!

Every child is an artist the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

-Pablo Picasso

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