Indian art by kathighoda

Feed Yourself a Delight of Traditional Indian Art

A unit from Silent Entertainers, Kathighoda presenting mainly two Indian art forms Gond art and Pattachitra.

Art. A three-letter word that gives me a feeling of cloud nine, it has been a culture since the many decades where there were no canvases but caves and rocks to let us know that art has been a forever touch on the earth.

The vividness and distinct art of India are enchanting to me. There are shades of love, culture, and diversity in the paintings made in the Indian art style.

Gond Art: Indian Art form flaunted by Kathighoda

Gond art is a subtle easy and elegant art given by the Gond tribal community rooted in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh. The word Gond comes from a Dravidian expression with the meaning of green mountain.

I found this traditional Indian Art by Kathighoda a unit of Silent Entertainers Pvt Ltd. They are a team providing work to artisans who are struggling to meet their daily needs during these stressful times.

The skills of the artists captivated my heart soon as I went across their paintings and art pieces. They surely are stunning pieces of art that can be decorated in our homes.

Pattachitra: An Exquisite Artform by Kathighoda

The word itself has the meaning of this art. Patta means cloth and Chitra means picture, which shows the wonderful heritage of Odisha. Its intricate details and folktales inscribed are the attractive points.  

The legacy and talent are depicted perfectly in the pieces created by the craftsmen. Absorb the gracefulness of this art and beautify your homes with the skills extended by kathighoda.

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