Artist Creates Beautiful Patterns On Fruits And Vegetables By Hand-Carving Intricate Designs

What do you do when you get an apple? You eat it, right? And what you will do when you get a watermelon? You eat it again. But a Japanese artist, named, Tomoko Sato has got something else in her mind. 

Whenever she sees any fruit or vegetable, she thinks of them as blank canvases. So, she fills them with delicate art. Tomoko got the inspiration to make such art from the traditional Thai carving craft. After coming back from Thailand in 2004, she started carving fruits and vegetables.

Now, Tomoko turns ordinary-looking fruits and vegetables into something very artistic. And to be honest, you would feel guilty if you ate them. We know you must be very excited to see her art. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and see something great and artistic. 

The artform that Tomoko has mastered is called kae sa luk in Thai. And it requires extreme patience, dedication, eye for detail, and subtlety. Before you ask, yes, any fruits or vegetables can be turned into art. Whether it is an apple, watermelon, strawberry, cucumber, or something else, it can be carved into layered flowers. Not just this but the fruits can also be carved into delicate swans, intricate petals, three-dimensional roses, and something else. 

This art form is believed to be originated from China during the Tang Dynasty. You can see such artistic fruits and vegetables in cultural ceremonies and also in households and hotels. 

Ekta Singh
Ekta Singh
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