Giant Brushstrokes Painting Capture Different Periods Of Time (14 Pics)

Have you heard about artist David Ambarzumjan? He is a popular artist who is commonly known for his ongoing art collection “Brushstrokes In Time”. This amazing art collection has helped him gain 400k followers on Instagram. OMG!

This unique art collection is all about past and present landscapes. With the stroke of paint, he tries to show the past, present, or even future. Most of the time the strokers match the era they juxtapose. 

If you also want to see the amazing collection of “Brushstrokes In Time,” keep scrolling. 

#1 Recover

Brushstrokes In Time - Recover

#2 Stray

Brushstrokes In Time - Stray

#3 Sharks In Montmartre

#4 Breach

#5 Watershed

#6 Zebra Crossing

#7 Human Nature

#8 Hazy Notion

#9 Running Out Of Time

#10 Impact

#11 Breathe

#12 Inversion

#13 Transience

#14 Starling

Ekta Singh
Ekta Singh
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