35 Of The Most Beautiful Pieces Of Aerial Embroidery Showing Off British Nature

We all have always wished to see how the world looks like from a bird’s eye view, don’t we? Of course, we have. And luckily, drones have helped us do that. But it seems like now we don’t need drones anymore to see the world from above. 

Oh, no we have not got wings. It’s just that a professional embroiderer Victoria Rose Richards is making extraordinarily beautiful English rural landscapes with her talent. Her embroidered creations have more than 200 art pieces and all of them are simply fantastic. 

The collection of aerial embroidery by Richards is something that we don’t see daily. So wingless beings, leave whatever you are doing and check out the incredible artwork that we are talking about. 

P.S. You will like ‘em all. 

Richards further said that “around June of last year, I was doing a Color Series where I created a landscape each in each color of the color wheel (plus gray), and found myself getting stuck on the green one”.

“As I was thinking of ideas, I was looking at the fields opposite my bedroom window and wondered how a top-down view of fields and trees would work out for it! I did the first piece and fell right in love—I already had an interest in aerial views and I felt like I’d found my thing in this!”

“It varies a lot by side… I just yesterday finished an intricate 6-inch (approx. 15 centimeters) piece that took about 50 hours to make, while a simple one of that size would be as little as a quarter of that time! Most pieces are between 6 and 25 hours, though.”

“I like to make my pieces as bright as possible, so I like to use strong, rich colors even if in a real-life landscape, they’d be dull. I like to think of my art style as an optimistic one!” elaborated Richards.

“I think I would consider the biggest challenge getting the depth and perspectives right—I like to make them as realistic as possible, which means the trees, bushes, flowers, animals, fields, and vehicles all need to be accurately sized against each other. For example, a tree can be a big, fluffy French knot, but the sheep next to it a tiny white speck—some details I add in are hardly visible in the photos!”

“I completed a 16-inch (approx. 41 centimeters) piece (which took 120 hours!) a couple of months ago, which I’m hugely proud of! As someone who, for the longest time, only did 3-inch landscapes, this was a huge thing for me and I’m so pleased with the result. Other than that one, my favorite is the first yellow-themed aerial I did around September last year—even though I’ve done so many since there’s something about this one that always felt special to me.”

Ekta Singh
Ekta Singh
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