Ring Bells to Doodles and Comic

A funny comic doodle artist Neha Sharma creates a scenario based on real life that gives people a relief about how they are not alone in any funny or embarrassing situation.

Laughing, as they say, is the best medicine and I feel it is a necessity just like food, clothing, and shelter. If it’s a bad mood or the day then it has to be treated by the doctor of laughter who happens to be Dr. Jokes and Dr. Humor. And the dose that is needed to be taken is a heavy dosage of hard-to-breath laughter.

Grins and Giggles all the way

Okay! I know it was a bad pun but at least it brought up a little smile and woke up that curious cat living in your body. And if not then here’s a meme I have laughed at the most.

A Fun Dive into the Puddle of Doodles

Jurassic Park made me laugh like a baby and so it must’ve made your tummy pain. If still not then let me get you a new Doctor our cartoonist, illustrator, and lifestyle content creator Neha Sharma. She undeniably knows how to tickle that funny laughing monster in you!

Illustrator Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma with her charming smile

Debit credit and tallying accounts did not give Neha the kick she wanted in her career. So, she gave CA’s dream a farewell and welcomed drawing as her new energy-giving buddy. Neha now makes comics and doodles to give a check mark to her motto of Art is therapy.

Scoop a Laugh from Neha’s Doodles

Dumping the thought to be particular about the content calendar; she creates art that is impulsive and based on the real-life that happens to her. She has worked with various clients like Dunkin Donuts, Nokia, Whisper, and many others.

Laughter is an instant vacation.

– Milton Berle

Witty Ideas and Comics of Neha Sharma

Though her comic creations are unique plus amazing Neha makes sure that each one of them has a hilarious punchline that happens to be funny and relatable content.

Talking about the ideas it was one of the incident that made Neha give one of her doodles which she recalls,

“Some years ago, I was in this gym that had a new door installed. You know the motion-sensor doors since it was just installed, motion sensors Abhi chalu nahi Hua Tha. So everybody had to press the open button on the side of the door to get in. And I had no idea ki Naya door install ho Raha hai. So I walked right into it and banged into the glass door. A normal person in this scenario would wonder if anybody saw them, this is so embarrassing. But mein neeche gir Rahi hu and I am happy that I have an incident to tell through my doodles.”

Illustration by Neha Sharma
A sweet message to everyone by Neha Sharma

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