Choreographer Zoe Dominique

Step into the World of Moves and Grooves

An article on the choreographer Zoe Dominique and Lab Rat Experiment.

Once in a while dance it out!

Our bodies tend to move when a groovy rhythm play. It’s an instinct, isn’t it? I for myself feel that everybody has a dancer hidden within their bodies it’s the song or the moment that brings the soul of a dancer.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul

-Martha Graham

Spread the Wide Wings of Dancing

Dance holds a buddy name grace. And this friend is not easily found in everyone but in my opinion, Zoe Dominique Subbiah does full satisfaction when it comes to both dancing and setting a slo-mo grace on the audience.

An elegant piece by Zoe

On-screen is Zoe a dancer who made me eager to learn the choreography she performed on the song cover of Everybody Dances To Techno. The vocals gave me an aesthetic vibe to sway around the winds near a lake. All appreciation goes to Suparna Vontair the vocalist behind this soothing cover.

Not to forget about the background music superbly played by various artists. The whole crew is so amazing in their skills. I just can’t get enough of it!!

A Beautiful Collaboration by Lab Rat Experiment

This is a collaboration presented to us by Lab Rat Experiment which is a community that assists various creators to co-create a wonderful work of art. And finally, we got this masterpiece choreographed by Zoe and musically supported by Suparna, Aritro Ghosh, Pooja Deepthi, Nilanjan, and Nehal Pradhan.

Dedicated. Dynamic. Devoted.

Gaining a diploma in Dance Studies from Trinity Laban in 2016, Zoe Dominique became a dance teacher specializing in Jazz and Contemporary. As her love for dance grew stronger, Zoe learned the art of improvisation which gave her a bigger stage to flaunt her talent in a choreography competition 2020 called Nrittam.

Choreographer Zoe Dominique
Bold and beautiful Zoe

Dance is a magic wand filled with ecstatic tricks!

– Aashvi Solanki.
Skin ft. Denis Barwa

This beautiful creation gave her 2nd place in the winning competition. This whole scene was shot on a cellphone, which was edited by Zoe and her friend. Her authenticity and grace came thoroughly in this choreography.

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