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Classical music- A Powerful Therapy to Heal the Crippling Anxiety

Music. The powerful aura can lift your energies and give them a healing touch. I would say it is the first step to choose yourself and mend all the parts that are wailing in pain. When there’s music there’s a life that calls to be the best.

The catch about music is that it has no borders. One can recreate or recite the whole tune in their own unique way, and what a brilliant twist it can be when English music gets a classical Indian tune.

Sham, Movie-Aisha

Isn’t it soothing? Well for me it’s like a session of meditation. And let me tell you I hardly meditate. Thanks to our musician, sitarist Rishabh Rikhiram Sharma who plays sitar so admirably that it just melts our soul.

Classical Music- A Tune of Purity

Be it Indian classical music, pop culture, or any other genre. Rishabh never fails to recreate the tune in the strings of the sitar. An instrument that is connected to his roots and his family. Rishabh is the 4th generation of esteemed luthiers in the Rikhi Ram family. He is the youngest and also the last disciple of Late Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Rishabh Rikhiram Classical Musician
Game Of Thrones in Sitar Version

After the demise of Pandit Ravi Shankar, Rishabh was trained under Pt Parimal Sadaphal, the senior disciple of Pt Ravi Shankar. Later he continued his teaching under many prominent artists. When talking about the connection that is deep with sitar, Rishabh said,

“I have two lineages on my shoulders like one is my family lineage, and the other is the Ravi Shankar style of music and his Gharana.”

Sitar and the Mental Health

The US-based sitarist on the take of mental health says that, if his music is a track to join in the healing then the loop of music and his creations satisfies there. As the ultimate goal is to create awareness so people can help themselves through music.

He has also performed live show, ‘Sitar for Mental Health’ on the social media platform that featured other musicians and mental health experts to let people know about the connection between mental health and music. Currently gaining strong popularity.

Check Out the Fusion of Classical Music and Modern Tunes

Dil Ibadat, Movie- Tum Mile
Bol Na Halke Halke, Movie- Jhoom Barabar Jhoom
Laari Chooti

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