Art by Shan Fannin

Rev Your Engines with Hyper Realistic Art

Hyper realistic art that is enough to make your mind blow. An art by Shan Fannin.

What is Hyper Realistic Art? Well, we might have cracked jackpot on this one. I saw some images of these retro vintage cars and revisited something that amazed me.

Whenever I look up to the internet I see gouache skies, wildflowers, and details that are pretty aesthetic. It is like a basic feeling to appreciate it and then dig more about it. But this is not your everyday art. Car fanatics, fasten your seatbelts and rev your engines. The show begins now!!

Abstraction Meets Vintage Cars

As I said it had something remarkable in it because this is a painting!! Created with just brushes, and acrylics.

A hyper realistic art that holds every teeny bit of detail that a car has. The shine. The angle. The shades. They’re so realistic and mind-boggling!! Shan Fannin also sells her artwork on her website. And a better news for the car enthusiasts she also paints customized artworks.

Shan Fannin, Artist behind Hyper Realistic Art Masterpieces

hyper realistic art- artist Shan Fannin
Hyper Realistic Artist- Shan Fannin

In her previous article, Shan talked about how she enjoys doing her job with realism and personality. But seriously! This art specialized in automotive looks so authentic. When asked about why she chose automotive especially she said,

“I was a Marketing Director, mom, and homeschooled our son for 16yrs. When he started college, my husband suggested I go take a few art classes through our local college. I had received a scholarship when I graduated high school, but I married and never finished a semester. I started with figurative drawing and thought that was where I would direct my art. When my husband purchased a 1961 Ford Thunderbird (we call her “Maybelline”), we began attending car shows.

Around this time, my husband challenged me to create a painting of a car. I didn’t think it would be for me, but I painted an orange GMC truck. I was hooked! I loved the lines, reflections, and car culture. I also felt that my figurative drawing exposure was the perfect segway to car art. The curves of the human body translated to the metal and carbon fiber of cars.”

Do follow her and check out on Shan Fannin’s Instagram.

Ford Car Collection by Shan

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