Fast Furious and Fantastic Meets Andras Ra in Hyperlapse

Meet Andras Ra, the videographer living on the fast lane with his mesmerizing hyperlapse videos. You wouldn't want to miss this out!!

What is a Hyperlapse Video?

Hyperlapse videos also known as moving-time lapses are the videos taken by moving the camera in a different and short distance in between each shot. The usual time-lapse technique includes clicking photos at regular intervals, but in hyperlapse, the time-lapse rule is used and it also adds longer distance movements.

These give a movie-like effect of a smooth video rather than the ordinary time-lapse images. Hyperlapse videos can be shot on mobile phones of well-defined camera quality or the camera secured on a tripod.

Check out this video to learn more about hyperlapse.

A wholesome tutorial on hyperlapse video

Fun Trivia

Guy Roland was the first director to use the hyperlapse technique on the Super 8 film in 1995. Also in 2011 the term ‘hyperlapse’ was used by the American filmmaker Dan Eckert and Shahab Gabriel Behzumi’s Berlin hyperlapse in 2012.

Andras Ra: Living on the Fast Lane

Andras Ra the 26-year-old professional video editor was born in Hungary and is a German national. While graduating with a bachelor’s degree in video editing Andras started his own business. He now works as a freelancer for various international clients such as Insta360, Beautiful Destinations, and many more.

Andras Ra, hyperlapse videographer
Andras Ra

Certified as the official video editor in Adobe, Andras is fond of traveling and capturing scenic sites on social media platforms. He provides the hyperlapse courses which are available on his website.

His camera skills and video editing are the qualities that make him a perfectionist. Andras not only amazes his fan by uploading the video but also helps them in learning the details about hyperlapse and the glimpses of behind the scenes, which makes him a popular artist amongst the students of video editing.

Andras on shooting a perfect video

I’m a perfectionist, which means I can’t finish a video/project where I don’t stand 100% behind it. Sometimes it takes me 1 hour to finish one clip/transition and I don’t stand up until I like it!

But when I really know I’ve aced a project is when I watch the final video at least 10 times in a row because I’m so hyped for this edit!

Here are my top 3 favorites:

Looping through Vatican 🇻🇦⛪️🔔

Hyperlapse Around the World (Part 3) 🌍

Fasten your seatbelt its the ride to Munich 🎥🎡

Behind the Scenes

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