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This Photographer Made A Miniature Fantasy Utopia

Ognyan Stefanov is a seasoned aviation photojournalist and a graduate of the prestigious National Academy of Motion Picture Theater and Art in his hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria. His award-winning aerial photographs have been shown in exhibitions and in numerous world publications.

Miniature - Boseartx

Stefanov has an impressive resume of roles. He has worked as an official photographer for the prestigious  Bulgarian Air Force and has also been an exclusive photographer of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

He is one of the most successful miniature photographers who has won several awards in featured competitions around the world. He is a passionate personality.


The city offers lush gardens and jewel-colored landscapes with a community full of houses, shops, a barn and an apartment building.

Skyville is the perfect combination of avant-garde architecture, fantasy art and small futuristic design.


Beautiful large trees surround a hilly meadow at the base


Stefanov says:

I wanted to create an autonomous utopia where people have everything they need to live, surrounded by greenery and gardens and even a local inn that offers traditional hospitality.

A tall, winding and jagged truss extends up to the village


Several unique structures are interconnected by a series of multi-level pathways, pulleys, ladders and bridges that connect the different areas.

The main highlight of the building is the large house

House- Boseartx



Tall trees in large pots hang precariously over the piece and form an interesting design element while complimenting Stefanov’s concept of a self-contained environment.

Colorful flower beds with extending green vines fill window boxes adding beauty


The interiors of each building are extremely detailed


One bedroom has a draped wrought iron bed, ornate hanging chandelier, and potted plants with blooming flowers.

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