Embrace your Presence to Flourish in Future

This world cripples you minute by minute, yet you choose to carry on everything with passion. Sleepless nights, and exhausting days you still continue with a satisfying smile despite the constant failures.

Tired body and lost soul are nowhere to be seen until you face the mirror.

The truth reveals when your reflection surprises you, it’s the moment of easing the aches, the moment of letting out those tears you’ve been hiding. But you don’t!

You still carry on with a glint of hope in those eyes wishing one day, one lively day you’ll see you’re reaching the peak everybody told was not your mountain. Because when hope embraces the heavy heart, it heals every crack of yours. So, work on your present remain calm, and let the future flourish.

Aashvi Solanki
Aashvi Solanki
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