Home décor by The Hippie Saaz

Design Your Room with Boho Décor and Ruffled Curtains

We often give ourselves the makeover when we are really on the edge of an adaption in our life. Different hair color or style, changing wardrobe and so much more. But what about our home that screams to be changed?

It is often a saying that home always reflects the personality of an inhabitant from furniture, flooring, covers, and décor everything shows the owner’s mind and character. And so to change here I present you the one and only décor shop Thehippiesaaz.

Décor by The Hippie Saaz
Anniversary Décor

Fusion of Boho-Indian

Colorful vibes, handmade with some love and quirky style describe The Hippie Saaz perfectly, this small-scale business is fostered by a couple residing in Delhi with some passion in Neha and Rajnish’s hands this brand was born fortuitously.

From business partners to real-life couples this duo is doing full justice in showcasing their talent through handmade curtains with georgette fabric and ruffled curtains that subtly hint at bohemian chic.

Aesthetic room filled with love vibes is now at your fingertips order anything from ‘Thehippiesaaz.’

Home Décor? Do It By Yourself

Not just curtains but they also make fashionable bed skirts, canopy kits, and decorations for sweet occasions that can now be done on your own. They also sell DIY decoration kits that does perfect job for flowery backdrop.

This homegrown business knows how to create the perfect Pinterest home décor we all crave. They let their customer customise according to their own preferences and let them design their dream home décor.

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