Tableware Collection by Kaunteya

Incredible Tableware Collection of Culture and Mythology

Indian art always fascinates me, the beauty it holds is beyond everything. Though the recognition is a bit hushed the admiration forever touches the sky.

From the prehistoric period, Indian art has existed and bloomed freshly into modern art. The main elements used in it are line form, color tone, texture, and space. And no wonder the art in any form does magic when it comes to influencing the mind to a point where it can touch equanimity.

A Promise of Forever

Natraja Avatar
Lord Shiva in Natraja Avtar- Digital art by nikhilmishra_creations

Indeed, art has its way to exist, in dance, music, languages, paintings and so much more, and of course, some of these aspects are printed forever in our hearts. But what caught my attention is the printing of the stories in tableware sets.

Scoop the Saga through Tableware

Interesting right? Even I got curious to know what our culture carries; because, I never got to know the delicate details. So, here I present to you Kaunteya‘s stunning collection of tableware that embraces the touch of the historical stories and mythologies India has.

Tableware Collection by Kaunteya
Tableware Collection by Kaunteya
Cushion Collection by Kaunteya
Cushion Collection- Hand painted Cow Motifs

Kaunteya is a team that creates beautiful pieces of crockery and paints with love made up of 24k gold, with the softness of cushions and linen that allows a feeling of comfort to dwell within us.

The fun doesn’t end here, they also packs gift sets that are perfect for giving out the love, you have been wanting to share.

Tableware Collection by Kaunteya
A collection of tea set
Handcrafted with love

Vivid Collections of Kaunteya

Dasara, a Celebration!

This beautiful turquoise colored cutlery has the breathtaking Indo-Seracenic architecture of Mysore Palace, and its king.

Pichwai: An Eternal devotion

A Krishn Bhakt would recognize this crockery. Because, the prints itself hints of Lord Krishna, the Pichwai series refers to the paintings of Nathdwara.

Jyamiti a Traditional ‘Geometry’

Yes! it is the Hindi version of Geometry that didn’t fit into my fondness in school. But in the case of artistic views, it surely collects some plus points.

Byah a Vow of Love

Seven promises for eternal incarnations is an immortal love, and this tableware holds the art of Rajasthan the state of kings, with the Phad art as its core print.

Airavata a Treasure of Honor

Airavata series depicts the fusion of God’s ‘Vahana‘ meaning vehicle and the art form of Pattachitra.

White Elephant of Lord Indra, The Spiritual Wealth Seeker Owl, Peacock, The Golden Skin Lion Simha, The Wish-Granting Nandi, and The Golden Bodied King Garuda are the Vahanas depicted.

The world’s love language is folk art.

Aashvi Solanki

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