Summer Solstice a day to honor the golden light

Honor the Golden Light with Summer Solstice

Celebrate this Summer Solstice with these top 3 destinations

Summers are another name to have fun, filled with relaxing evenings and thrilling nights. I love summers not because it includes dozens of popsicles but because summers are a pathway to great adventures and also to explore some serene shores.

Summer Solstice a day to honor the golden light
A painting by Adrienne Vita

What is Summer Solstice?

Today is the day to praise the sun, soak in its rays, and honor the golden light to gain blessings from the universe. Yay!! It’s Summer Solstice to celebrate the divine energy and serve gratitude to the almighty nature.

It’s a day to celebrate the richness of the earth and flourish in the offering called life. This day is noted as the longest day because the earth’s pole tilts the maximum toward the sun, and it reaches the highest position in the sky.

Summer Solstice a day to honor the golden light
Warm, Bright and Cheery Summer Solstice

Fiesta of Midsummer Around the World

While the Northern Hemisphere is the focus, and the sun is blessing us with some extra light, let’s get you excited for the celebrations happening around the world.


A joyful celebration of Midsummer in Sweden involves flowery tiaras, dancing around the Maypole, singing songs, and cherishing the unsweetened, flavored schnapps, a traditional liquor. And munching on a load of pickled herring (a long silver-colored fish) with fresh potatoes.

Midsummer in Sweden
Midsummer Celebrations in Sweden

It is believed that if seven flowers are placed under the pillow by unmarried girls then they’ll dream about their future husband. Now, this is something fun and bizarre to experience.

To know more how different cities in Sweden celebrate this festival checkout Midsummer in Sweden


Bonfires and a sky full of fireworks are popular sights in Spain. In some regions of Spain, the Midsummer is seemed to mark a transition from adolescence into adulthood.

Midsummer in Spain
Bonfire and Joy unites in Spain

Spain also has a fusion of Christian culture and Pagan rituals with bright lights lit throughout the Pyrenees. The Midsummer Festival of St. Joan Festivities is popular in Barcelona and Menorca.

United Kingdom

When speaking of UK, England and its marvelous Stonehenge cannot be out of the vision for celebrating the Midsummer festival.

People from different countries come to watch the perfect alignment of the sun on the summer solstice and conduct rituals, with music and lots of happiness to sway around the historical circle.

Summer Solstice: A day to also be healthy

Yoga and Summer Solstice
Yoga: A healing for the soul

Breathe in… And Breathe out…!! Be healthy from within and take up a class or at least a day to join in with the International Yoga Day, praying to the universe for a blooming life and expressing gratitude to the sun for blessing its golden light on us.

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