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Unreal and Breathtaking Sight of Clouds

Breathtaking clouds 3
The divinity lies in the beauty of the clouds. Aashvi Solanki Cottony, soft, and breezy clouds make me go chase them and select which one looks the best. But my gosh!! Every day I see a different part of heaven and it leaves nothing but bliss. Nature’s Canvas: The Sky & The clouds Clouds are just a formation of water droplets, and yet their one sight gives a pure feeling of satisfaction. Their shapes are another eye-dazzling beauty that surprises us every day in different structures. To add more of the charm, the sky tunes the color so well that the clouds proudly flaunt their formation which is beyond phenomenal. Regardless of all these, clouds are never distinct in what they are made up of. Here are some exceptional images of clouds with a little trivia. About the Mammatus Having got their names from Latin which is ‘udder.’ Mammatus are mostly in a pattern of hanging pouches with a cellular structure in the clouds. Mammatus‘s one pouch can last up to 10 minutes, and the whole bunch can hold up to 15 minutes or even an hour. Interesting isn’t it? Nature’s pocket has tons of magic hanging. Aashvi Solanki About Undulatus Asperatus Another exquisite art of mother nature. Asperatus first caught the attention of Gavin Pretor-Pinney in the year 2006. After a long non-recognition, Asperatus finally got its deserved name on World Meteorological Day. “The hues of bliss rests in the lap of nature.” Aashvi Solanki About Roll Clouds Coming from the family of Arcus Clouds the Roll Clouds look just like a roll of bread hanging up in the sky. They give their special appearances mostly in Coastal Areas. Though they appear like tornadoes, roll clouds are often thought to invite tornadoes with them. But, denying the rumors these […]