Splash Out The Love Of The Golden Season

A season to fall in love and bloom the soul

Come. Fall in love with the sun!  

Rays of the sun have chosen to drip their shiny trait and will be glossier in the upcoming days. The soft and warm summer breeze waving around gives a mood to pace low and spend a nice long vacation with our loved ones or go on a solo trip to admire the sunset while swinging gently in a hammock. Day trips to the beaches, visiting the historical sites, forest breaks or just some rooftop picnic are perfect ways to spend the summery days and admire the splendid evenings.

Summers create a whole vibrant vibe to enjoy every hour passing by, and those heavy golden sun rays might gift some sweaty waves, but hey! When the same sunlight glistens through the green lushly trees it surely energizes the mood instantly. And wait, let’s not forget to add the clear blue skies that hold up the cotton-like clouds, such moments are nothing but soul-soothing flashes telling us to breathe in the present and relax the heavy shoulders.

Still, wondering about the question to fall or not to fall in love with this golden season? Well, here are some more reasons why you can’t get enough of the summers.

summer season sky

The magic wand finally works! And it’s time to bid farewell to woolly sweaters, cardigans, and gloves. Trade them all with sunglasses, jute hats, and breezy loose cotton clothes, drape the comfort and let the taste bud enjoy the cooling ice-creams and chilled drinks with some slices of watermelon, mangoes, and musk melons that make their own space in our tummies.

summer accessories

And also, why miss the chance to see the butterflies and bees buzzing around the fully bloomed flowers? And peek at the animals who end their hibernation and wander in their wild surroundings. The whole season is of adoring the self so be adventurous and join dolphins to swim in the lukewarm water of the ocean.

Summers are just a whole package to enjoy life at its best. All the sluggishness and lazy vibes just vanish when the first dawn of the summer season arrives.

Aashvi Solanki
Aashvi Solanki
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