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Colors of joy spreads in the painting workshop

article of Apurva Anand and her painting workshop.

Artist Apurva Anand is creating magic on her mini canvas

In our busy routine, we hardly have time to get the much-needed break. Following the same pattern, our lives have become boring and gray, we have forgotten to take out a moment from our day-to-day life for continuing the hobbies we once were fond of.

So, to feed us some vibrancy and remind us to stay creative here is Apurva Anand with her amazing painting skills. She is a 23-year-old artist and a student pursuing a degree in fine arts from Chandigarh.

painting workshop by Apurva
Apurva Anand

She gives us a positive aura and pours the serene vibes into our hectic lives. Apurva is also a calligrapher, a graphic designer, and a hand lettering artist who draws with love writes with care and drops a golden drip of aliveness in her mini creations.

Apurva and her aesthetic creations

Art for me is the key to entering any person’s heart and Apurva’s mini paintings stole my heart, the minute I clicked on one of her creative reels. Her shades of thoughts are presented to us in subtle mini paintings, bookmarks, calendars, mini frames, and many more.

For the art enthusiasts, she sells those miniatures which are pocket friendly and they let positivity dwell in your sweet homes.

No! the excitement doesn’t end here,

As Apurva is the brand ambassador of EBS1952, she offers a 5% discount on any art supply bought from EBS1952, a wholesome gift for artists or any hobbyist. just apply the code ARTBYAPUXEBS to redeem the reward!

My favorites collection

A rush of peace runs when such aesthetic reels and photos of the bright skies, vibrant flowers, and landscapes are uploaded by Apurva.

Be creative. Be colorful. Be carefree!

– Aashvi Solanki

Art speaks where words are unable to explain.

– Mathiole

Live painting workshop details

Apurva is an inspiration to many of the youngsters following the path to becoming an artist and also for those who admire art. So, here she is with the much-delighted gift of a painting workshop.

The first day will be followed by giving some prime understanding of art and some basic elements regarding colors, composing a painting,

And on the second day, there will be a closure on how to portray landscape scenes using skies, wildflowers, and warm tones. This exciting session takes place on the 28th and 29th of May. From 3:00 pm- 6:00 pm (IST).  

painting workshop by Apurva Anand artbyapu
painting workshop details- artbyapu

To register yourself for this artistic workshop, click on this link, Painting workshop by Apurva Anand

When the passion drives within, there is art in everything.

– Aashvi Solanki

Aashvi Solanki
Aashvi Solanki
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