3D gaming costumes by Willow Creative

Level up with these 3D Gaming Costumes

Awestruck 3D gaming costumes and props of fictional characters by Willow Creative

Gaming fanatics I am sure you must be excited to know what this holds. Oooh!! 3D printing anyway makes everything look cool and now we’re talking about costumes that too of gaming. Those are surely Smokey Dopey!!

3D gaming costumes by Willow Creative
Demon Hunter z World of Warcraft

Yes guessed correctly. I tried to be cool and all but trust me these gaming costumes are much more lit and fantastic than any of the slangs I have used. Scroll down! You won’t get enough of it.

3D Printed Gaming Costumes are the New ‘Chic’

Mind-boggling right?! Indeed it is! Look how each of the details are precisely created. Wanna know about the creator and is the desire surging up to buy some of these props? Then wait!

Here is the artist Marel Eisink behind these fictional costumes under the name of Willow Creative. She is the designer who does everything from full costumes to sponsored items.

Willow Creative
Marel Eisink aka Willow Creative

3D Printing Costume is the Spotlight

She has used modern techniques such as 3D printing and lazercutting, sewing, electronics and foamcrafting. Marel keeps on learning new techniques and discover new ways to use 3D printing in multiple ways.

Marel’s work is surely the highlight as these props give out a real-life gaming vibe. With LED swords, horns, and animal stilts are so detailed that they surely intrigued a non-gamer like me.

Willow’s Makerspace for 3D Costumes

“I started using a lot of machines that I didn’t have, or didn’t have the capacity for at a FabLab at my local university, where I also graduated with a degree in Game Art. But now I have my own makerspace with more than ten 3d printers and a large lasercutter in my own house! There’s barely anything that I need to outsource, and generally I like to find some way to be able to do everything at home.”

Marel Eisink

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