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Elegant And Masterfully Crafted Dollhouses That Costs A Fortune

Have you ever seen a cabinet house that the women in the 18th and 19th centuries used to own? They looked so elegant, they looked so classy, and only a few women of the upper social class would own them. 

Surely those cabinet houses were perfect but the one that we are going to talk about today is masterfully crafted by a genius and it costs a fortune. Whatt?? We know paying dollars of money for a dollhouse sounds strange. But trust us, this one is worth every penny. 

This cabinet house has everything from a master bedroom, dining room, guest bedroom to a paneled library. Do not get fainted but the estimated cost of this cabinet house is around $100,000 USD.

Scroll down to see it. 

A stunning example of dollhouse design and architecture

Cabinet house crafted by master miniaturist Jimmy Landers

The multiple-level foyer and wood-paneled library

Hand-hammered copper-coffered ceiling

Tiered brass center hall chandelier and stained glass dome

Tiered Victorian all-brass chandelier

Center hall view up to the stained glass dome

Exquisitely appointed rooms with plaster columns

3-story grand foyer first-floor entranceway with round staircase and double panel doors, brass door hardware by Ron Stetkewitcz

Grand foyer staircase leads to stained glass dome by Barbara Sabia

The parlor with floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows

Master bedroom with ornate plaster fireplace and hardwood floor

Master bedroom with ornate plaster fireplace and hardwood floor

Meet master miniaturist Jimmy Landers

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Written by Ekta Singh

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