This Mural In Warsaw Is Eating Up Smog, Doing The Work Of 720 Trees

As the cities are developing, they are also going one level up in the pollution game. Today, cities are filled with pollution and the residents are struggling to breathe fresh air. But the best thing is that some people are also coming up with innovative ways to tackle this problem. 

For instance, two talented artists in Poland’s capital are making murals that are helping people get fresh air. We know it sounds a little weird but it is true. Actually, these artists are using some special kind of paint. 

The great initiative has been started by a sportswear company Converse. This has been done as a part of the City Forests campaign. And luckily, this initiative has gained so much popularity. That’s why Warsaw has become one of the few cities that got featured for using special paint that has smog-cleaning pigments.

This new mural in Warsaw, Poland is eating up smog

The mural is painted on the building that is located on the busiest metro stop, i.e., Politechnika. This mural features smiling flowers and it was created by two talented artists, named, Maciek Polak and Dawid Ryski. And the mural was executed by Good Looking Studio, a local artist hub. 

As it’s done with a special kind of paint

Along with entangled smiling flowers, the artists have also used encouraging words like  “Create together for tomorrow” to bring a positive change. One of the spokesmen for Converse said that “pollution levels have dropped in many cities around the world as people are no longer commuting as much.”

Reportedly, the mural equals the work of 720 trees

“Companies are working slower, and for the time being, everything has slowed down. At Converse, we saw this as an opportunity to speak up and help produce fresh air through painting murals. Furthermore, we felt it was a good way to reunite communities as they return to normal life after such a long period of isolation.”

Warsaw is the second city to feature such a mural

You would be amazed to know that this special kind of mural can purify the air as 720 trees could do. 

The first was Bangkok

The paint that is used to draw the mural contains titanium dioxide. This thing attracts the airborne pollutants and then converts them into something harmless. 

And 13 more will follow suit

The first city that has done this thing is Bangkok in Thailand. After that, it was Warsaw. And now, this initiative has been taken by so many cities like Johannesburg, Melbourne, Bogota, Sydney, Jakarta, Manila, and more.

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