The Pop Apocalypse By Filip Hodas (8 New Pics)

Have you ever heard about Filip Hodas, a popular freelance 3D artist from Prague, Czech Republic? If not, you are missing out on something great. He is a popular artist who is known for his mind-bending renderings and surreal artwork. 

But this post is about a particular art series of Filip that has grabbed the attention of so many people. This series shows decaying pop culture icons. When you will see these arts, it will take you away from a happy and imaginary world to an abandoned place. (Not joking)

If you also want to see the pop apocalypse, scroll down because we have collected 8 pictures for you. 

Kaonashi Shrine (Kaonashi, A.K.A. No-Face, Spirited Away)

The Monsutābōru Colony (Pokeball)

Schwifty Saucer (Rick & Morty)

Bikini Bottom (Spongebob Squarepants)

The old mouse (Mickey Mouse)

Whoa, mama! (Johnny Bravo)

¡Ay, caramba! (Bart Simpson)

The Last Trooper (Stormtrooper)

Here’s how people reacted to Hodas’ artwork:

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Written by Ekta Singh

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