Artist Places People From Classical Paintings Into The Modern World And The Result Is Surprisingly Fitting (27 New Pics)

Have you ever seen a stunning painting and tried to imagine it in the real world? No matter if you haven’t done it because Alexey Kondakov has done it. He is a skilled Ukrainian artist who has created a sensation with his amazing artistic talent. 

What he does is he puts classical and beautiful figures into modern places. And the results are simply amazing. Honestly, the half-naked paintings also look a bit weird in supermarkets, cars, grocery stores, and similar places. 

But whatever. It is just an art and we should appreciate how talented Alexey is. If you also want to see how he is filling colors in dull situations, keep scrolling. 

The name of this project is “The Daily Life of Gods” and he has started it in 2005. Yes, you have guessed it right. Most of these paintings are from the Renaissance period and they are so amazing. Also, the place that Alexey has chosen to show modern life is the capital city of Ukraine. 

When these paintings are placed in the modern situation, they lose their elegance and beauty. But c’mon, we somewhat get an idea of what the Gods and Goddesses from the painting would look like if they would have lived this simple life. And we like it. Don’t we? 

Currently, Alexey has nearly 140k followers and they all love his amazing artwork. 

“Everything around me inspires me to create art. If you are attentive enough to yourself and your surroundings, someday you may get the urge to share your observations in a way available to you.”

The artist further said, “I was bored at work, so when I got an idea to put old artwork into modern landscapes, I decided to create it for fun and share on social media.”

“All parts of creating are my favorite, but there are other less attractive parts of the process. The work of an artist includes lots of operational tasks.”

“I like listening, collecting, and trying to mix music. Basically, this project takes the greatest part of my time, but I’m going to manage this and spend some time on something different like filming or sculpture,” shared Alexey when asked about his hobbies.

“The process is pretty random, sometimes you find the right old artwork and see how it is possible to change it to a modern situation. And at the same time, I can take photos of places I like and imagine what can possibly happen there. Classical painting easily merges with the modern environment. The key idea is to make it look real but strange. It is hard to count time in total because sometimes an idea awaits the possibility of producing it, like stories about nightlife can be made only if I go to a nightclub. Sometimes I can spend a couple of days just on old artworks digging. But if I have all parts of the puzzle, it takes about 2-3 hours to do Photoshop.”

“Big creative feeds like Bored Panda are a great opportunity for any visual artists or creative people at all. You can reach the attention you are looking for. But you always should be patient and consistent with what you’re doing.”

Ekta Singh
Ekta Singh
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