Here Are The Best Pictures Of Px3 “State Of The World Photography” Contest That Sum Up 2020 (20 Pics)

We all are so happy as this year is finally going to end. But before we enter the new year, you should see some of the pictures that sum up 2020. Actually, The Prix de la Photographie, Paris, also known as Px3 “State of the World” has conducted a contest. And talented photographers are sharing uncensored and unadulterated photos from around the world. 

These photos will help you understand what’s happening around the world. Scroll down to have a look. 

#1 No Man’s Land

This land has the last two remaining northern white rhinos females i.e. Fatu and Najin.

Photograph by: Justin Mott, Kenya.

#2 Jin! Jiyan! Azadi! (Women! Life! Freedom!)

They are Kurdish Women’s Defence Units and they want to fight for the freedom of oppressed people. 

Photograph by: Yusuke Suzuki, Syria.

#3 Honey Road

These are nomadic bee-keepers who keep their hives moving around orchids and other flowers. 

Photograph by: Dean Yeadon, Ukraine.

#4 Hong Kong Unrest

Picture of the time when the Hong Kong government proposed an extradition bill. Under this bill, they would take suspected criminals to undergo trial in mainland China.

Photograph by: Laurel Chor, Hong Kong.

#5 Facing Extinction

Photo of one of the animals that can get extinct if we do not protect them. 

Photograph by: Kevin De Vree, Indonesia.

#6 #TouchlessBirthday

Sadly, my birthday was in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine. And I photographed my friends and family from outside.

Photograph by: Saam Gabbay, USA.

#7 Headstrong: The Women Of Rural Uganda

Photograph by: Dan Nelken, USA.

#8 Abandoned Elderly—30 Years Post Communism

Photograph by: Michele Zousmer, Romania, and Bulgaria.

#9 Children Living In Perpetual Invisibility

Photograph by: Matilde Simas, Philippines.

#10 Orangutans On A Thin Vine

Photograph by: Mark Edward Harris, Singapore, United States, Indonesia.

#11 A Meal For Everyone

Photograph by: Fabio Marcato, Kenya.

#12 Mexico 43 Missing Students

Photograh by: Eduardo Lopez Moreno, Mexico.

#13 Faces Of The Front-Line

Photograph by: Jeffrey Lau, USA.

#14 Rear Window Quarantine

Photograph by: Matteo Garzonio, Italy.

#15 Siege Of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Photograph by: Witold Dobrowolski, Hong Kong.

#16 In The Shadow Of Corona

Photograph by: David Wolf, USA.

#17 Lost At Sea

Photograph by: Darren James, Papua New Guinea.

#18 The Damned Of The Earth

Photograph by: Julien De Wilde, Belgique.

#19 Charcoal Black

Photograph by: Alain Schroeder, Poland.

#20 Cyprus For Sale

Photograph by: Paul Shiakallis, Cyprus.

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Ekta Singh
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