The Beauty Of Ballet Captured From A Different Perspective (12 Pics)

Ballet photography is not something that is very new. But today, I am going to show you this art from a different angle. Using a drone, I have tried to capture compelling shots that will give you an alternate view of ballet. And you will like it. 

For this photoshoot, I have contacted Montana Rubin. She is one of the members of the corps de ballet. Since she was not performing currently, she agreed to the photoshoot. We have also picked two different locations for this spectacular photo shoot. 

You can scroll down to see different shades of ballet. Hope you will like it. 

#1 Ombre Un

#2 Le Partage

#3 Ombre Trois

#4 Degage Derrière

#5 Délicate

#6 Ombre Deux

#7 La Puissance

#8 Black Délicate Swan

#9 Supple Together

#10 White Swan

#11 La Pose

#12 Gracieuse

Ekta Singh
Ekta Singh
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