The Best Panoramic Pics Of The 2020 And They’re Truly Mesmerizing

If you know a thing or two about photography, you might understand that panoramic photography is not easy to create. Even though today we have so many types of tools and devices, it is not easy to master the art of capturing the world in a different way. 

But people who know how to create breathtaking masterpieces had participated in The EPSON International Pano Awards. This award function is dedicated “to the craft and art”. To give you an idea of how spectacular this award function is, we have collected some of the amazing shots from 11th EPSON International Panoramic Photography Awards.

Scroll down to have a look.

This year’s winner of Open Competition was Matt Jackisch and he is from Canada.He told us that “I was snowshoeing alone in the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia. I was surrounded by white mountains in all directions, but the light was not very interesting so I tried to focus my creative attention on smaller scenes. The entire day was given to the contemplative process. Eventually, on my return I noticed this little tree. I was reluctant to stop and pull out my camera again, as I was tired and my drinking water had frozen. But it was too special to bypass. I decided to use a zoom lens to compress and simplify this scene. I enjoyed how the textures in the snow gave a sense of motion despite the stillness, but I never imagined that this photo would win any awards in that moment!”

“Of course it felt awesome [to win]. The winning image was not a typical entry, so I knew that it was a risk but that it may also stand out. I suppose there needs to be a bit of risk in art. It was great to have my creativity recognized,” Matt told us. “To anyone reading this, I’d say that true creativity is an experimental process. Without vision or direction, creativity can quickly fall to back to habit. Keep your imagination active by seeking inspiration in other artists as well as having your own unique experiences.”

“I have a passion for experiencing and capturing powerful displays of the natural world. My aim is to depict untold beauty of our planet through creative imagery,” the winner told us. “The harder I work for an image, the more it becomes a part of me. I answer the call of the wild whenever possible, and believe that the more time one spends mindfully in the outdoors, the less they identify with the limitations of their circumstances. In sharing my depictions, I hope to awaken in people new perspectives and appreciations of our precious Earth. I reside in Vancouver, Canada and sponsor my own creativity with a career in aviation.”

Ekta Singh
Ekta Singh
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