Performance arts of Krishna

Performance Arts that are Inspired by Lord Krishna’s Literature

Yada yada hi Dharmasya
Glanir bhavati bharata
Abhyutthanam adharmasya
Tadatmanam srjamy aham

Paritranay Sadhunamah
Vinashayach Dushkrutyam
Dharma Sansthapanarthai 
Sambhavami Yuge Yuge

“My presence has been here and will appear in every moment when the evil will rise over the fair and good. I shall appear to guard the noble hearts against those who are evil. My appearance shall be there in every age and era to re-create the rule of truth.” – Lord Krishna, Adhyaya 4 shloka 7-8.

Lord Krishna
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Supreme Head Krishna

Krishna’s power has been immoral and it will continue to create divinity in every one of us. The 8th avatar of the incarnation always inspires me to spread smiles, his stories, philosophy, and chiefly his words inspire me to gain and share wisdom.

Visual Art Inspired by Krishna

When Krishna becomes the muse, the art becomes enigmatic, alluring, and spiritual. His stories have played a crucial role in our Indian theatre, music, and dance, depicting life from childhood, adolescence along with adulthood. Bhagavad Purana the holy book serves the purpose of metaphysical significance to such performance arts.

Krishna in Performance arts

The Elegance of Dance Inspired by Krishna

The epic tales of Lord Krishna are certainly melodious to listen to but when the story is shown with the beautiful effort of dance then the blissfulness surely hits its maximum level.

Krishna in Visual arts

Classical dance styles such as Kathak, Manipuri, Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, and Odissi are profoundly related to Krishna’s Literature. Krisnattam is a dance form that traces its roots to Krishna legends and is also linked to another major classical Indian dance form that is Kathakali.

Spreading the Love through Paint

Paintings are the ultimate evidence of how we evolved and how our creation is divine. So, is the reason why I love paintings because they hold the charm and an aura of the artist who is deeply in love with shades and strokes of creativity.

Pichwai painting is one of the inspirations that portrays the life of Lord Krishna through colors. It is a Sanskrit word with a literal meaning of ‘hangs from the back,’ ‘pich’ means back, and ‘wai’ hanging. This purity of artwork is done on a cloth and the outcome is twice to what a beautiful modern artwork is.

On the other hand, Kerala Murals, Tholu Bommalata, Tanjore, and Pattachitra paintings are also fairly connected to Jagannath and Vaishnava sects that are based on Hindu Religious scripts.

Composition of Love in Words

As a writer, I adore words as much as I adore art and literature is a wholesome art of arranging words into pleasing sentences. And Gita Govinda proves how magnificent literature is since the 12th century.

The work of poet Jayadeva shows the love of Radha Krishna, milkmaids, and his Gopis. With a total of 12 chapters further divided into 1-2 divisions called Prabandhas, we get an overall totality of 24 Chapters.

Mentioning how Radha is greater than Krishna, this text also elaborates on the eight moods of the heroine, the Ashta Nayika which are the inspiration for many composers and choreographers.

Ashta Nayika
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As Krishna is the muse for every one of us. He surely confines us with his love and charm that cannot be overlooked. He is and will be the forever flow of cultural phenomena in the world of literature and creativity.

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