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Flowers and Charms Secured in Resin Jewelry

The rise of resin jewelry is surging real fast and numerous celebrities are wearing them as ‘statement jewelry.’ Jewelry lovers, this one is for you. Hang tight and read below.

When it comes to jewelry, I become very picky and after hours of searching; my shopping cart remains empty. But when I came across this amazing website I couldn’t hold my curiosity to know more about them.

Aesthetic Jewelry: One Stop

A small business that holds top-class quality, great designs, and unique ideas. has everything that a perfect minimal aesthetic jewelry is made of. All credit goes to the founder Vanshika Mahindroo. is a small-scale business handled by two amazing ladies Vanshika and Arushi who creates beautiful resin jewelry made up of real flowers and gold flakes they also consider custom orders. And their limited edition moon collection is still on my shopping list.

Moon Collection by
Wristband, Neckpiece, Bookmarks, Key chains

The Process Begins

So, as I said my fondness grew more towards these cute resin pieces of jewelry and I bought one of the resin necklaces because I am a huge fan of necklaces and neck chains.

This aesthetic Aster flower necklace captivated me the moment my eyes fell on it. These pretty daisy-like flowers hold a special meaning of wisdom, faith, and strength. Named after the Greek word that means ‘star’ Aster flowers surely give me safe vibes.

Resin Jewelry by
White and blue Aster necklace, Allure neck chain

Ordering of the Aster Necklace

Aster necklace charm obviously got me and so I landed on their website. With the vintage theme, and style I got to choose from the aster necklace I clicked on, add to cart option, and I checked out by filling the details of address, contact, and email.

Oredering of Resin Aster Necklace

Payment & Help desk

The checking out was smooth as I paid the amount. Though there was no option for COD net banking and UPI works pretty well. And if talking about any queries the responses I got were pretty fast, polite and the most incredible quality is the friendly nature. Help Desk

Delivery & Review

I waited a teeny bit longer to receive my cutie. But honestly, the wait was worth it!! The packaging was crumpled but when I opened my resin Aster necklace, my admiration got heavy and the frog sticker was literally a sign for me to smile.

Overall the experience was really good there were some issues with the delivery, but hey!! The fruit of patience is always sweet and mine was sweeter plus admiring and cute.

Thank you for creating this beautiful resin necklace!!

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