Pics From This Anatomical Drawing Class In Thailand Are Going Viral

What would you do if someone asks you to draw a human body on paper? Could you draw it? Maybe you can but you would not be able to capture the multi-dimensional motion on paper perfectly. Why are we saying so? It’s because perfectly capturing a human body on paper is no walk in the park. It takes years of experience and knowledge. 

And why would you not require practice to master this skill? After all, there are 650 named skeletal muscles in the human body. So, you see, drawing a human body is a tough nut to crack. 

But hopefully, there is a Thai artist named Wannarit Karin who has cracked it. He is the founder of ART of Anatomy academy and he is a great painter. “I have been invited to be a lecturer for figure painting classes and have organized workshops for various organizations and companies,” the artist says. With his amazing artistic skills, he can easily open up complex body parts. 

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A Thai painter named Wannarit teaches anatomical and technical drawing classes that are incredible to watch

To know more about Wannarit and his talent, we reached out to him. He told us that he has been teaching anatomical and technical drawing for so many years. He said, “I never thought a hobby could become a career because I was just an average art teacher.”

Wannarit teaches his students to draw from the real-life human body, pointing out the muscles to depict on paper

“One day, I saw some of my students couldn’t draw parts of the human body, such as arms or legs, so I gave them a few basic pieces of advice and it worked. They were surprised to discover that anatomical knowledge could help them draw people more realistically.”

“That’s why I decided to open up a class that focuses specifically on human anatomy, and it turns out to be quite popular, even with only 4 classes a year.”

“I’ll admit that it’s challenging to do, so I just put up anatomy posters all over my house along with anatomy figures on my work desk, bedside table, and kitchen table. Doing these things allows me to see human anatomy all the time so it becomes common knowledge.”

This is where technical skills, incredible precision, and knowledge of anatomy come into play at once

He further said, “they really affect how you comprehend when you have to teach others how to draw parts of the body at a weird angle.”

“However, anatomy for artists is different from anatomy for doctors because artists have to modify nature to best fit their own style of work.”

“Correctness in terms of art is very subjective and individual, while for doctors, it really has to be specific with correct meanings.”

Wannarit had been teaching art for 10 years before he was invited to be a lecturer for figure painting classes at the University

He also said, “it is not only knowledge about muscles and bones, but most importantly, about how muscles are related to the overall form because every part of our body is always in sync.”

“It could enhance how they portray beauty and unify what Mother Nature has given us,” the teacher concluded.

The Thai artist also works as a freelance artist for drawing, sculpture, and medical illustration

And people were mesmerized by Wannarit’s drawing skills

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