Feel the Sheer Magnificence of Porcelain and Stained Glass

It’s a story of a self-taught stylist and a professional makeup artist. This artist is always on a quest to make something lightweight that can give a new dimension to her creation. And guess what? Successfully, she has created Porcelain 2.0.

This is her way of making wearable and lightweight porcelain & stained glass. When she is creating something new, she doesn’t just create a character but rather, she believes in creating a whole story. 

You can scroll down to see some of her dark characters.

One Last Dance, for a Sacred Heart

Porcelain Dress

It was a quiet, but surprisingly warm autumn day,
when the sun shone through the tinted glass and
created a spectacle only to be compared to a group of people dancing without a worry in the world.
It created a un unexpected warmth in the otherwise
so cold Mausoleum and no tears would be shed today.
As the sun would paint the graves with colors, so it would paint their keeper.
Bit by bit, pieces of tinted glass would manifest out of thin air,
and gold thorns would grow around them,
connecting to each other, becoming one, becoming her
She was to dance on their graves one last time before the cold winter nights would fill the atmosphere.
with air so cold it would take your breath.
She would dance not out of spite, but out of love.
One last dance for the remaining souls not ready to cross over,
One last dance to fill them with the warmth of the sun,
One last dance to keep them going
One last dance as they become one.

Stained glass couture

Stained glass headdress

Stained glass corset

This was a bit of an Eureka moment when I found out how to make the stained glass round shaped for the cups.

Wraith of the Flying Dutchman

Completely handmade and hand-painted design. Finished with real porcelain beads.

Beatrice—a classic fairytale story

Baroque porcelain corset

Inspired by some of the 17th/ 18th century most beautiful ornamental paintings.

Baroque inspired gauntlets

Baroque porcelain corset

This was the first faux porcelain corset I made during COVID-19 isolation.

Delft blue corset

Since I’m a Dutchie, I had to make a delft blue inspired corset!

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Ekta Singh
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