Intricate Persian Rugs Used As Canvas To Spray-Paint Incredible Portraits

We assume that you would be familiar with the traditional Azulejos ceramic designs that are common in the Maghreb, Spain, and Portugal culture? We know it looks stunning and that’s where our artist got the inspiration from to add colored patterns in murals. 

The artist says that he has been doing street painting work for more than 12 years. But it was in 2015 when he realized that the traditional Persian Rugs of the Azulejos designs can help him establish a trademark as a street artist. And we are glad that it inspired him because it has helped him to know some interesting facts about a few cultures.

Using this technique, the artist tried to represent the portraits of women on carpets. Also, this artist has chosen carpets because they are visually appealing and have historic significance. 

Scroll down to see the work on some breathtaking Persian Rugs. 

Ekta Singh
Ekta Singh
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