September Poem by Aashvi Solanki

3:00 AM September Diary

And just for once…

Be that autumn leaf,

That falls for the,

Blue Silence.

And evolves for the,

Orchid mornings!

Let the world hush,

In the dim moonlight,

But you embrace that delicacy,

To wander in this breeze of,

September night!

There it rests,

The untold tale of intimacy,

Glowing in the icy evening,

Making the mystic words,

Blush in the auburn melody!

The canvas named earth,

Is ready to adorn the colors

Of the silver living,

Now it’s time to feel

The soft side of the glorious falling.

– Aashvi Solanki
Aashvi Solanki
Aashvi Solanki
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