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Take a View of this Prominent Art Gallery in Mumbai

I really like to wander and discover the subject of art, it creates a different connection, and it gives a relieving feeling; that almost every art lover has when they visit any art galleries or a particular place related to art.

Talking about art galleries, my utmost favorite stop is to visit Churchgate and take up a long walk to Jehangir Art Gallery which is the crux of art and artists in Mumbai. With excitement and fun allow yourself to read more about this historical art gallery.

History of Jehangir Art Gallery

Dedicated highly to the field of art and culture, Jehangir Art Gallery was founded in 1952, by Sir Cowasji Jehangir the 2nd baronet and a prominent member of the Parsi community at that time.

Jehangir Art Gallery

The hub of modern creativity Jehangir Art Gallery has given many artists including, M. F. Hussain, Akbar Padamsee, Anjolie Ela Menon, and K. K. Hebbar M. F. Hussain, Akbar Padamsee, Anjolie Ela Menon, and K. K. Hebbar a platform to present their talents.

Insights of Jehangir Art Gallery

If you’re worried about the entry fees, then shrink them off because it is completely free, with minimum security checking, you can take along the backpacks. This means no hustle for keeping the bags outside.

The gallery is split into four exhibition halls. Seven halls in total are spread over two stories. Each hall represents various artists and their art exhibited where artists are available to have a conversation.

Insights of Art Gallery

Photography is prohibited there; however, with the particular artist’s consent, one can have photography sessions, and the usage of a mobile phone is acceptable but there’s no permission of recording videos or taking pictures.

eating and drinking inside of the premises are prohibited, it has a completely hygienic environment that is just another plus point of Jehangir Art Gallery.

Time to Visit

The gallery is open throughout the year and it welcomes whenever you like, but to avoid the prickly heat one should avoid going in summers. However, monsoons can also be a bit frantic. Winters in my preference would be perfect to have a day out for and later catch up with the sunset.

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